The Hague, Netherlands

Chris Geurtsen is a multidisciplinary Transformation Artist with a research-minded approach and a sincere interest in alienation within human demeanour. Operating mainly in sculpture, audiovisual and writing, the (human) body is oftentimes used as a reference point in relation to abstract narrative.

Conceptually driven, the work oftentimes dabbles with the intent to showcase figurative communication and speculative alternate realities. As an observer working through artistic research with attempts to reveal a non-conscious trajectory, Chris aims to (re)define the relationship with oneself and the spaces we exist in.

Graduation show
Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

Fruits of our Labour - duo show with Krisztina Czika
Embassy of Art, Amsterdam

MAFB 10 year anniversary presentation - group show
OBA, Amsterdam

2018 - 2022
BA Transformation Design

Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam 

2015 - 2017
Fashion Design
ROC, Amsterdam